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How to use Chat GPT on WhatsApp | Best Answers

Updated: Jul 4, 2023

Tired of searching on Google and not finding the answers you need? Well, guess what? You can now use the power of Chat GPT on your WhatsApp. Let's explore the best ways to do that:

  1. Shmooz AI: Say goodbye to dull chats and hello to Shmooz AI, your ultimate chat companion. With its clever responses and touch of wit, Shmooz AI adds charm and excitement to your conversations. To use it on WhatsApp, visit the official Shmooz AI website, tap "Start Shmoozing," and let the fun begin.

shmooz ai

2. Wiz AI: Powered by ChatGPT, Wiz AI offers human-like answers on any topic. Engage in back-and-forth exchanges and tap into its vast knowledge base. Simply visit the Wiz AI website, tap "Get Started," and start interacting with Wiz AI right within WhatsApp.

wiz ai

3. Buddy GPT: Bringing the capabilities of AI to your fingertips, Buddy GPT is a user-friendly WhatsApp chatbot. Access it by visiting the official Buddy GPT website, tap "Get Started" or "Try Now," and follow the instructions provided. Soon, you'll be enjoying AI-powered conversations with Buddy GPT.

Buddy GPT

Remember, these chatbot services may have limitations and risks. It's essential to understand the terms and conditions, research the developers, and use them responsibly. Get ready to elevate your WhatsApp chats with the power of AI!


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